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Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are often really painful and a nuisance. The first time it happened to me I honestly did not know what it was and I slightly panicked. It took some online digging for me to know more about it and I learned a lot in the process. I found the causes, symptoms of hemorrhoids, treatment of hemorrhoids, cure and prevention for this medical condition.What are Hemorrhoids?Hemorrhoids, often called as “piles”, are primarily caused by any pressure being exerted into the anal and rectal veins that causes it to inflame and swell.

The swelling is usually accompanied with itching and pain that gives a lot of discomfort. People who are prone to constipation often tend to get bleeding hemorrhoids.Internal hemorrhoids are those inside the anal canal or rectum that cannot be felt. Oftentimes, it can protrude and swell and pushed towards the anal opening.  This can easily be pushed back in but will bleed during regular bowel movement. External hemorrhoids are the ones that develop under the skin that surrounds the anus.I searched far and wide for home remedies for hemorrhoids that work and was finally able to find solutions to my hemorrhoid problems.

Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids:

There are many natural remedies to treat piles and I can personally vouch that these home remedies really did the job for me.  Believe me when I say that these are home remedies for hemorrhoids that work: For relief from the pain and discomfort that you are feeling, sit on a sitz bath in warm water for 15-20 minutes three times daily.

  •  Make sure that the anal area is kept dry and clean at all times. Minimize rubbing and further irritation.
  • A general warm bath would also make you feel better.  This is one home remedy you should do without.
  • Use moist toilet paper when cleaning the anal area.  Dry and rough toilet paper will increase irritation and itchiness instead of providing remedy.
  • Apply an icepack over the anal area on a daily basis. Cold compress therapy is one of the best pain relief solutions.
  • Increase intake of fluids and food that is rich in fiber. This will ease your bowels and lessen the bleeding and pain.
  • Using Witch hazel medicated pads is one home remedy for hemorrhoids as it provides instant relief. Simply apply on the affected area.
  • Dab a small amount of castor oil on the affected area after it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried as this will lessen the irritation. It is also noteworthy to be observant to the other symptoms that you see and feel. If it becomes more of the ordinary and any home treatment no longer provides the pain relief, it is time to visit the doctor and ask for proper treatment to help you with hemorrhoids.

There are a lot of medications, suppositories and creams that can be bought with or without a prescription... more info

How To Prevent Hemorrhoids:

As soon as the hemorrhoids heal, don’t take chances. Start in preventive ways to make sure that it does not recur. Hemorrhoids are hereditary, if one of you parents have it, chances are you will probably have them too if you are not careful.  Don’t merely trust that there are available home remedies for hemorrhoids whenever you need them.  You have to make the decision not to make it happen to you again and again. Don’t just rely on home treatment.

The following will help you prevent hemorrhoids from recurring:

A total lifestyle change in diet and exercise.  Obese individuals often have them so it is best to stay fit and healthy. The home remedies for hemorrhoids will only temporarily relieve you of the pain and discomfort but no amount of hemorrhoids treatment is going to par with actually being confident about yourself. Include drinking plenty of fluids in your daily routine. Consistently include fiber-rich food into your diet.Put emphasis on meal timings and serving proportions.  It is advisable to eat 4-5 small meals a day than take 3 large meals. Indigestion leads to constipation. No more meals two hours before bedtime.  It is not good to wait too long to relive yourself or to force yourself. Straining should be highly avoided during bowel movement.Knowing about what hemorrhoids are, its causes and how to prevent it from coming back again can save you a lot of pain and discomfort.  Had I not been able to find these home remedies for hemorrhoids and Venapro(#1 herbal remedy for hemorrhoid), I would still be at home suffering and embarrassed about my condition. It just takes diligence for you to alleviate your condition and gain freedom from hemorrhoids. I took control, you should too!

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